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FAQs for Pet Parents

As a pet parent, we understand that you have questions about your furry family member’s care. At Community Animal Hospital in York County, PA, we are here to provide the answers you need. Below, you’ll find information on a range of topics, including our veterinary care services, and more. We have compiled these frequently asked questions to help address any concerns you may have. If your question is not covered here, don’t hesitate to contact our vet clinic.

Dog patient from Community Animal Hospital

Do you take payment plans?

We do not take payment plans, but we do offer either Care Credit or Scratch Pay as payment alternatives. We try to keep our prices as affordable as possible to make care of your pets more manageable.

Do you see walk-ins or take emergencies?

Unfortunately, we see all patients by appointment only. If you do have a true emergency, we will refer you to either the Animal Emergency and Referral Center, Mason Dixon Animal Emergency Hospital, or Vet Check. All other non-life-threatening conditions can be seen in the office within normal business hours during a scheduled appointment.

Do you see exotic pets?

In our facility here at Community Animal Hospital, we only see cats and dogs. If you have an exotic animal, we suggest you call Ani Care Animal Hospital at 717-741-1320 or East York Veterinary Center at 717-840-1025.

Does my pet need to have a Rabies vaccine?

In the state of Pennsylvania, all pets are required to have a rabies vaccine by the age of 12 weeks. Once your pet is vaccinated against rabies, you will receive a tag and a certificate showing proof of vaccination. There are also many other vaccines that can benefit your pets that we can speak with you about in the office at the time of your pet’s appointment.

Does my dog need to have a license to live in York County?

Yes, all dogs over the age of 12 weeks need to have a license that you can get through the York County Treasurer’s Office at 717-771-9603. They offer either a yearly or lifetime license. If you choose the lifetime license, our practice can help you out with administering the microchip that is required to get the lifetime license.

Do you board animals at your facility?

Unfortunately, we are not a boarding facility. We recommend looking for any of the wonderful boarding facilities that are available to pet owners in York County.

Do you offer low-cost spay/neuter clinic prices?

We do not offer low-cost spay/neuter clinic prices, but we try to remain as affordable as possible to our clients for any procedure that your furry friend may need to have completed.

Do you offer pet insurance at your clinic?

We do not work directly with any health insurance providers. If you do have pet insurance, you pay your bill that is due to us and then you submit the paperwork to the insurance company for reimbursement.

Is it important to give my pet heartworm, flea, and tick prevention?

Yes, it is important to give heartworm prevention as well as doing some form of flea and tick protection. Giving a monthly heartworm treatment not only protects your pet but also protects your family from many forms of zoonotic parasites that can be found in their feces.

Should I brush my animal’s teeth? Is it important?

Just like us humans, it is best if we can brush our furry companion’s teeth. This helps to reduce the number of bacteria and tarter in the pet’s mouth as well as many other health conditions that can arise due to bad teeth. We also recommend getting yearly dental checkups to keep an eye on not only what we can see with our eyes, but to also get a good look at what is going on in the gums, under the surface with dental x-rays. This way, we can track from year to year what is going on in the mouth as well as being proactive if a problem does present itself.

For more information, please visit our patient center or call 717-845-5669 to speak with our veterinary care team.

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